PRODUCT DETAIL - White Cement Based Wall Putty


White Cement Based Wall Putty

Iris Paints White Cement Based Wall Putty encompasses a superior formulation, based on white cement. It is water based and specially designed for leveling and smoothening the undulations on interior walls and exterior walls. It provides a smooth surface for paint application.It is available in powder form.

Technical Data

  • Area of Application : Interior Wall Masonry, Exterior Wall Masonry.
  • Physical State : Powder
  • Method Of Application : Apply with putty knife
  • Drying Time : Touch Dry - 30 Minutes, Hard Dry - 4 to 5 Hours
  • Shades Offered : White
  • Packing : Woven Bags - 1Kg, 5Kg, 20Kg, 40Kg

Directions for Use

  • Take required quantity of Iris Wall Putty in a pan. 35-40% water by volume is required to prepare paste of

    good consistency.
  • Mix half of required water quantity into it. Knead/Mix the Putty & wait for few minutes.
  • Mix remaining quantity of water to get desired consistency.
  • Mix vigorously for 5-10 minutes for making a lump-free and uniform paste.
  • Mix the product in such quantities that it should be used within 2 hours of preparation.
  • Mixing may be done manually or by using a suitable electric mixer.
  • Clean the surface thoroughly by sanding with suitable emery paper to free from dust, dirt etc.,
  • Ensure that surface plastered or made with cementitious material
  • The surface should be moderately rough and in just-wet condition.
  • Apply first coat of Iris Wall Putty (1.5 mm thickness) using a blade / spatula on the wall.
  • Apply second coat of Iris Wall Putty (1.0 mm thickness) preferably after 4 hours in summers and after

    12 hours in winters.
  • Second coat shall be applied in horizontal manner to even out application marks of first coat, if any.
  • Allow complete drying overnight and then use a fine emery paper to remove application marks, if any.