Our Applications

IRIS Paints Wall Putty has a variety of applications and can be used on concrete, rendered walls, hollow blocks, pre-cast walls, concrete ceilings, calcium silicate bricks,aerated light-weight blocks etc..

Areas of Application of IRIS PAINTS White Wallcare Putty:

  • Ideal for finishing and decorating exterior and interior walls of all kinds.
  • It's perfect for homes, offices, bungalows, out houses, farm houses, theatres, exhibition halls, flyover walls etc.
  • Can be used on fresh and old-painted walls (after removing the existing paint and base coat)

Here’s how to use IRIS PAINTS Wallcare Putty:

  • Use White Cement Based Wall Putty on plastered surface before painting. If there are major undulations use IRIS White Cement Based Wall Putty to level the surface. Usually, a 1.5 mm thickness coat of this product will remove the undulations. Ensure that surface plastered or made with cementitious material.
  • Apply first coat of Iris Wall Putty (1.5 mm thickness) using a blade / spatula on the wall. putty substrate to make the surface smooth and provide a protective undercoat for expensive paints. It also brings out the true tone of any shade/colour of paint.